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The products below are not intended to treat or diagnose any doggy injuries or illnesses. They are, however, interesting and unique dietary and skin aids that can possibly help with your fussy pooch problems.  We try to pick items that are sustainably sourced, such as crickets or black soldier fly larvae, or a by-product of production, such as lamb's trachea. If you buy any of these products, we get a cut and keep our lights on, so thank you much and we want to hear your feedback. Talking to your vet is always your best option.

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The internet is full of articles extolling the virtues of each dog breed.  We agree with every word and love all dogs out there.  However, we will focus on breed negatives here, with the goal of curating information into an easy-to-absorb form.  Learn the truth before you buy the wrong dog for you and your family.

Image by Victor Grabarczyk
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