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10 Problems With Your French Bulldog

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Let’s smash our face into a pile of information about the loveable French Bulldog. I am not a veterinarian, this is a curated list from internet sources. The links to these references will open upon clicking the in-article hyperlinks under the highlighted subheadings. We hope the information you read is helpful, please comment with any issues you’ve had with your Frenchie so the community can benefit from your experience. Here we go.

Unfortunately, your Frenchie is prone to quite a few spine problems, most notably hemivertebrae. Hemivertibrae is a fancy way of saying that the backbone is deformed at birth, due to triangular as opposed to rectangular vertebral bodies. This creates a twisted spinal cord for your Frenchie and can result in weakness in the hindquarters, as well as urinary and fecal incontinence. Surgeries are possible if the deformity is severe.

Three main problems exist for French Bulldog’s windows to the soul. Corneal ulcers are probably the most serious and are exactly what they sound like. They are usually caused by trauma, chemical burn from shampoo or other human concoctions, or untreated dry eye. Dry eye is the second and means your pup isn’t producing tears, eye drops are available for treatment. The third and most common is cherry eye, which means your Frenchie’s eye gland is swollen. It’s usually not painful, but if it becomes serious, surgeries are available.

Frenchies are super cute because of their squished faces. However, that comes at the cost of an optimal airway. Most French Bulldogs snore because the tissue volume of their mouth causes airway restriction. Surgery is sometimes required to clear the airway so your Frenchie can get a deep breath.

These airway issues mean that your Frenchie should not be overexercised or exposed to excessive heat. Oxygen depletion can happen since your pooch isn’t getting enough air. If you want a high-energy, summer-loving dog, the Frenchie might not be for you.

French Bulldog mating is usually accomplished with human intervention at every step. This includes artificial insemination and pulling the puppies during birth. Tiny hips and a huge head make for a cute breed, but they can only rarely breed on your own. If you are a beginning breeder, be aware of these downsides.

Finding the right diet and keeping it low fiber is essential with Frenchies. They have notoriously sensitive stomachs and can surprise your carpet with a chocolate syrup substance at any time if you’re not careful. Find a dog food brand that works and keep your Frenchie on a strict diet or get some solid floors.

Most domestic dog breeds have some ear infection problems, and Frenchies are no different. The most common sign is extended or excessive itching. Don’t leave this untreated as it can cause deafness. There are some at-home treatments, but it is best to consult with your vet if the infection is severe.

Frenchies can have both food-based and skin-irritating allergies. It is important to utilize a shampoo and grooming regiment that works for your Frenchie, some experimentation might be necessary to find the right product or solution. Organic, sulfate-free shampoos are recommended. Keeping a close eye on how your Frenchie is reacting to its food is also critical.

Heart murmurs are very common in French Bulldogs and can either be benign or a sign of bigger issues. It is important to maintain frequent veterinary visits with Frenchies. Some murmurs are only detected during the puppy stage and seem to go away as the dog matures. However, it can be a sign of larger issues, so staying on the same page with your vet is important.

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are prone to cancer, with 38% dying of a brain tumor, lymphoma, or some other cancer type. Sadly, as you’ll see in the hyperlinked article, only 8.5% of Frenchies die from old age. As a dog lover, this is a little depressing and I’m sorry I’ve got to include the information.

So what do you think, is a French Bulldog gonna be your dog? While they are a pretty high-maintenance breed, they are undeniably cute and have loads of personality. It is up to you to decide if the health issues listed above are within your sphere of tolerance. If you already have a Frenchie and are seeing any of the symptoms we listed, please click on the subheading links and take a deep dive, and possibly a vet visit. As always, if you click on any product links, we get a cut, and we thank you for helping us pay for our dog food. Utilize the comments to verbalize your wisdom. Until next time, keep being a different breed.

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